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It's Pong, with some nice juicy fresh D. Are you ready to feel the Dong?


I will be taking feedback for the game, and will be updating it if any big complaints are brought up.

This is a prototype of basic mechanics for Dong E-Rekt edition, releasing later this year on steam (also for free), which will be using much more than just basic Pong mechanics, and will be expanding into some really creative ideas introducing some combat and lots more dicks. I decided to release this because why not, hopefully it may make someone laugh and make someone happy, and get me some hype from anyone who does play it. I appreaciate all feedback so feel free to say anything you want negative or positive.

All music is owned by Mr. 3, and was used with permission.


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Dong.zip(WIN) 28 MB
Dong.zip (MAC) 40 MB
nicecockmate.wav 316 kB


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Edit: Changed the Secondary Menu so that the text didn't look unsexy, and it fit inside the dick and didn't overlap on the nuts